Crazy Love Africa trains our sisters in artisan craft making. This skill provides an additional income for sisters outside of their personal business. We have trained our sisters in basket-making, paper beads, and tailoring. Our sisters mentor each other in this artisan work as well as receive training from experts in the field. Crafts are fair trade as Crazy Love is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and works hard to fully commit to equitable and sustainable trading partnerships. Crazy Love Africa values the health of the planet, and the labor, dignity, and equality of all people.

Giving back

100% of the proceeds of the crafts sold in the U.S. are poured back into our Crazy Love Africa programs in Uganda. Your purchases are ending the cycle of poverty and changing lives!

“The business and artisan training I’ve received since joining Crazy Love Africa has helped to improve profits and expand services. It has been invaluable to me.” –Stella


Crazy Love Africa sponsors several events throughout the year to highlight and sell artisan crafts. Follow us on social media to find out where you can find us in the community, sign up to receive our emails and you can shop our online store

"I have gained so much hope from my fellow sisters. I have been mentored by sisters in both my business and health. They inspire me and bring so much hope.” – Annet

Stronger Together

"I thought I was all alone in my journey. My Crazy Love Africa sisters are a safe haven. It’s the one place I can go and be myself.” – Jane

“When I was sick, it was my sisters at Crazy Love Africa that cared for me. They brought me food and nursed me back to health. This is family.” – Silvia

Making a difference

I have witnessed a change in each of my sisters through their participation in our Sisterhood Support Circles. The best way to describe it is a renewed sense of joy, confidence, and happiness in each of them. They are free to be themselves and lead each other to a fulfilled life with friendships and community. They find that strength deep within themselves that they forgot they had. Our sisters guide each other with courage and hope to be leaders in their communities.” – Susan, Social Worker