Support Crazy Love Africa this Giving Season

Support Crazy Love Africa this Giving Season

Transform Lives with Your Generosity this Giving Season!

Your donation can make a significant impact towards empowering women, children, and entire communities. We are excited to announce that the Giving Season is here! Join us in our ongoing efforts to support our mission and help us complete our Crazy Love Africa Community Center in 2024.

Don't wait! You can schedule your gift today and become a part of this life-changing journey. Consider making an end-of-year donation or a monthly giving pledge to help us achieve our goals.

We are immensely grateful for your support and can't wait to see the positive changes that are possible through your generosity.

Zubedah is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for cosmetics. She is also a loving mother of three. Her store, situated in a thriving market in her village, has become a popular destination for customers. Zubedah is an active member of the Crazy Love Africa sister cooperative and savings group, which has been a great support system for her and her family. Sadly, her son Ibrahim suffered a tragic accident earlier this year, but with the help of her community, his health has significantly improved. Despite the challenges she has faced, Zubedah remains determined to achieve her goals with the continued support of her community.

Join us to support Crazy Love Africa and empower entrepreneurs like Zubedah to achieve her dreams.


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