2022 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

Restore – Strengethen – Transform

We celebrate 2022 coming to a close with real transformations and growth in our sisters, programs, and future plans.

Our global team is always assessing and tracking the progress of our programs to enusre that we optimize and allocate our resources efficiently and we are committed to sharing our results with you. Did you know? Crazy Love Africa only pays salaries to our Ugandan staff. We are committed to empowering our Ugandan staff & board to lead CLA into the future.

2022 brought the addition of our Ugandan Board of Directors: Dr.Gilbert Ategeka (Chairperson), Florence Bamuturaki (Vice Chairperson), Bright Herbert (Secretary), Concepta Komuhendo (member), Christopher Agaba (Secretary Human Services), Margaret Kisembo Kabasinguzi (Secretary of Finance), Susan Natugonza (member), and Tinah Birungi (member).

Our Ugandan Board of Directors has been a great support to our sisters in the planning of our Community Center – Our CLA Community Center Groundbreaking was held on September 7th and a highlight of the year for all of us! The anticipation of beginning construction in early 2023 brings us so much joy!

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