We are looking for individuals from all walks of life who are willing to open their hearts and minds in service to our sisters in Uganda. Crazy Love Africa desires to find folks with a variety of strengths and abilities willing to share those gifts and empower others through our global sisterhood. Applicants must be open-minded and highly flexible to adjust to a new culture. Because the trip is both physically and emotionally demanding applicants must be in good health to be able to keep up with the daily demands our service requires.

Ambassador trips are typically taken twice a year.  Some trips focus on youth ambassadors while others are exclusive to adults. Our trips have different focuses depending on the current needs in Uganda and of our program. During all visits, our ambassadors take part in home visits with our sisters. During the home visits, each ambassador will have a role in supporting our sister families. ie. Helping kids write a letter to their sponsors, taking photos, and participating in leading an activity or an identified project. On our final day with our sisters, we will gather to have training and support. We will also host a lunch and celebration for our sisters. There will also be an opportunity for one free day where our group will explore the beauty of Uganda together!

Do you know a kid interested in making a difference for our Ugandan sisters here in the U.S.?  We are also looking for youth to volunteer as Jr. Ambassadors.


 “The business training I’ve received since joining Crazy Love Africa has helped to improve profits and expand services. It has been invaluable to me.” – Stella


“I have gained so much hope from my fellow sisters. I have been mentored by sisters is both my business and health. They inspire me and bring so much hope.” – Annet


“I thought I was all alone in my journey. I feared anyone knowing about my HIV status.  My CLA sisterhood support circle is a safe haven. It’s the one place I can go and be myself.” – Jane


“When I was sick, it was my sisters at Crazy Love Africa that cared for me. They brought me food and nursed me back to health. This is family.” – Silvia