Micro-Business Grants

Micro-business grants are an effective strategy for alleviating poverty and empowering women. Inspired by our belief that all people have the right, the will, and the capacity to direct their own future, we offer a hand up from poverty to possibility and build economic capacity.

-Nominated by CLA staff or CLA sisters
-Interviewed by CLA Coordinator
-Business Plan is Reviewed
-Approval by Executive Director
-$500 USD is facilitated by CLA Coordinator
-Sister is supervised and supported with her business as long as she remains in the program.
-Sister Business Mentorship
-Yearly Business Training Certificate Class



Angela is in her early 30s.  Her husband died of HIV/AIDS leaving her with 2 kids and an unborn baby.  Angela’s children are now 10, 9, & 6.  With the help of her Crazy Love Africa micro-business grant, she sells yellow bananas in her village as well as 2nd hand clothing.  Angela has also received business training and artisan education from Crazy Love Africa.  She is now saving money. Anglea makes beautiful crafts that have helped her expand her business and provide for her family.


Betty was our very 1st Crazy Love Africa sister.  She learned of her status in 2010. She takes her medications and remains undetectable and healthy. Betty has 3 children.  Two of her children are sponsored through our sponsorship program. Five years ago we empowered Betty in her bra business. We refer to her as the Victoria Secrets of Uganda. She buys bales of bras wholesale and then moves around town selling to her customers. Betty has saved her money well and plans to build rental homes on her land. She takes part in our Sisterhood Support Circle, training, and savings group.  She is a woman of beautiful faith and just SHINES!


Elizabeth was 45 years old when we met her and mother of 3.  Her Oldest is finishing nursing school and being sponsored through our Crazy Love Africa sponsorship program.  Her middle child is 15 and her youngest son is 5.  Elizabeth has an accountant certificate and worked for many years for a tea company. Elizabeth has been positive for 15 years and lost her husband in 2005. With her Crazy Love Africa business loan, Elizabeth was able to rent farmland and plant Irish potatoes and beans. She has the knowledge and work ethic to be a successful farmer. She is looked up to by her Crazy Love Africa sisters and attends meetings and trainings faithfully.


When we met Tinah 4 years ago she was in a desperate situation. She has been living with HIV for 17 years and had 3 children. The father of her children had abandoned the home for many years and they had no other support.  Tinah was a hard-working woman and was doing casual jobs to cater for her family.  Crazy Love Africa empowered Tinah to start a restaurant and provided business training and support along the way. Tinah has also worked as an HIV educator at a local clinic and has become a strong leader in our Crazy Love Africa program. Her children have sponsors and she has big dreams for her future.