Child Sponsorship

Crazy Love Africa provides educational sponsors for the children of the women who participate in our program. Our students attend nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, vocational schools, and universities. A sponsor is identified for each child to pay their school fees. School is not free in Uganda and because of this many children do not get the opportunity to complete their education.  Crazy Love Africa believes in the power of education to change our world and is committed to the education and dreams of the children in our sister’s care.

Sponsorship is $420 per year or $35/per month.  School fees are paid to each school per school term by Crazy Love Africa. Each sponsor has the opportunity to communicate and support their sponsored child through letters, photos, and small gifts. Each holiday season our sponsors donate money to give the families needed items such as mattresses, blankets, food staples, and a chicken for the holiday meal.

We also sponsor parties for our Crazy Love Africa families that include the children. For a single mother, the gift of child sponsorship relieves much stress from the family. Our CLA children have BIG dreams to contribute to their community! Thank you for being a part of these dreams!

Already a Sponsor to a Child, Thank you! Send a letter to your child.


Education is a key element in eliminating poverty in Uganda. 90 percent of children attend primary school, which drops below 25 percent in secondary school. This disparity contributes to continued poverty, as those without a secondary education have lower chances of pursuing careers.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.  – Nelson Mandela


Your sponsorship relieves stress from a single mother who often falls up short with fees to pay for her children’s education. She wants nothing more than to forge a better future for her children.


Crazy Love Africa sponsors provide hope & love through writing letters, sending gifts, and support to their child and family throughout the year.  Sponsorship is an opportunity to expand your global family.


If you are already a sponsor to a child, thank you for your support! You can send your sponsor a letter here. Please fill out the below form and it will be delivered to the child.