2021 Crazy Legs 5K

We are grateful to our Crazy Love Africa Community for your SUPPORT! The 2021 Crazy Legs 5K raised $4,942! Thank you!

We can’t emphasize enough how important your support is this year! With the country of Ugandan on lockdown it means that our Crazy Love Africa sisters can’t work, they can’t use public transportation to get to markets, many aren’t able to get to their gardens. The country of Uganda’s healthcare system is on overload. In order for our sisters to have their basic needs met, they need our help! We are also looking forward to recovery, knowing business loans will be needed in order to rebuild. We have been so fortunate to count on you in the past and know this year will be no exception as an opportunity to show our Ugandan family our unwavering support. So let’s do this together! Look for information on our upcoming Holiday Auction in November.

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