Susan joined Crazy Love Africa in 2016 with a micro-business grant to sell 2nd hand men’s trousers and dress shirts in a local market. She soon was elected as an officer by her peers in the CLA Sisterhood Support Circle. Soon after because of her leadership, Susan was hired by Crazy Love Africa as our Field Coordinator. Susan has one son and lives with her extended family. Because of their ability to save money in our CLA savings group, the family was able to build a new home.  Their traditional Ugandan home is currently the beautiful space where the women gather for their Sisterhood Support Circle twice a month. It has been a gift!
“Before I joined the Crazy Love Africa sisterhood support circle I was isolated and lonely. But, now I have hope in my life again. I’m a new woman. When our sisters are together we join our ideas, we sing, and we support one another. We share our challenge with each other and empower ourselves to make changes in our lives. I used to have so much stress in my life which was not good for my health. Meeting with my sisters leaves me calm and at peace.”

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